Plants - Cut Flowers - Newport, PA

Plants and Flowers

At Butcher's Farm Market, we are pleased to be able to provide a variety of bedding plants, potted plants, and cut flowers for bouquets and floral arrangements.


Fresh baked pies - Newport, PA

Spring & Summer

We offer a wide variety of bedding annuals, herbs, potted plants, hanging baskets, and vegetable plants for every garden. You can design your own container plantings and hanging baskets or purchase our "ready-to-go" arrangements.

Cut Flowers

Fresh baked pies - Newport, PA

Make Your Own Bouquet

Choose from our selection of fresh cut flowers to make your own bouquet! Sunflowers, Gladiolas, Zinnias, Cockscomb, and more. Available July through October.


Fresh baked pies - Newport, PA

Autumn & Winter

In the autumn we bring out thousands of field-grown chrysanthemums and ornamental cabbage and kale. We have early, mid, and late season varieties to keep your containers and gardens colorful into the cooler weather. In the winter, we offer poinsettias, Christmas arrangements, wreaths, greens, and more.

Location & Hours

Butcher's Farm Market 590 North 4th Street
Newport, PA 17074


January 12 - March 12
Wed - Friday 9AM-6PM
Saturday 9AM-3PM
(Closed Sun, Mon, Tues)
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